Pink glam💕
Pink glam💕
Pink glam💕

Pink glam💕

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This specific set includes 

x2 size 0

x2 size 1

X2 size 2

x2 size 3

x2 size 4

x2 size 5 

x2 size 6

x2 size 7

x2 size 8

x2 size 9 

total of 20 nails! 

They are finally here! Lizzys nail art pressies! Trendy 100% handmade nails by Lizzy, for all occasions. 
includes 20-24 Reusable piece styles & each set comes with sticker adhesive, file, wooden stick, buffer, lizzysnailart hyper bond glue, alcohol swab, and instruction manual.

Tip: While liquid glue may have a longer lasting hold than jelly stickers, the false nails used with jelly stickers can be reused multiple times.

Liquid glue can last 1 to 2 weeks. Avoid touching water within 2 hours after using glue.

 Steps for application:

1. Gently push back cuticle using the wooden stick provided.

2. Use the buffer to smooth the surface and file your natural nail for better adhesion.

3. Clean your nails with the included alcohol swab.

4. Select and size a tip to fit each nail precisely.

5. Secure the tip using the hyper bond or sticky jelly. For glue, press down firmly for 15 seconds on each nail. For jelly, firmly hold the nail for 5 seconds.

To remove: 

1. Gently soak your nails in warm to hot water for 5-10 minutes.
2. Use a cuticle pusher to loosen the nail.
3. Optional: apply cuticle oil for easier removal.
4. Carefully peel off the loosened nails.

Prices depend on time spent on each individual set* (each set includes 2x the nails)

What’s inside: 

*one box of your selected nail set,  includes anywhere from 20-24 pieces. (To fit most sizes)

*1 mini nail file 

1 small buffer

1 wooden cuticle pusher

1 20 pc jelly adhesives

1 Hyper Bond*

1 Alcohol Swab 

1 instruction manual

 (No returns)

 Made with love 🫶🏻