Blinking nail art light💡
Blinking nail art light💡

Blinking nail art light💡

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Super cool (white) Blinking nail light For any phone with NFC capability.

Remove sticker from back or chip, the chip has a sticky layer. Press the chip down on the nail or Glue piece to the tip of your nail then encapsulate with Builder gel or Acrylic.

Test the chip to see if it blinks Before, during and after encapsulation and gel polish. Leave an opening Void of color where the light dot is, so that the blinking is brighter and more visible.

(refer to video for step by step tutorial)

Phone setup instructions:

1.(Android) Look for the NFC section in your settings & make sure it is on. 

2. IMPORTANT: Make sure the phone screen is not on sleep mode when testing the light. Press your Nail down on the back center of your phone pause for 3 seconds and it should blink! Keep Moving your finger around the back of the phone and you should get the signal! 
Size(Approx.): 10 * 7mm 

Quantity: 1pcs

Color: (White)

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