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The Easy Remover 8 in 1 bottle! 

Say goodbye to cotton, acetone and foil! This special transparent formula removes all types of gel nail polish, Gelx, acrylic and dip powders easily. All product soak off.

2 size options: 
* 15 ML (Refill)
* 120 ML equals 8 /15 ML bottles (deeply discounted)

(Please read instructions before use!)

1. Shake before use. File MOST of the product you are trying to remove. 

(The more layers you remove the better the product works.)

2. Apply a generous amount of easy remover on nail only (try to avoid any skin contact). 2-5 minute removal time. The gel will begin to bubble and peel making it effortless to scrape off. (use removal tool for fastest removal)

3. Caution: Wash your hands after use.
Do not let the product get near your face, eyes or mouth. Do not inhale. Be careful with skin contact.
HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Avoid all sources of heat & ignition. Keep out of reach of children.

 Please be aware when applying the product you may feel a slight tingling or tightening as the product starts to work. No odor solution.

(If this feels at all painful, or any unusual reaction, wash off immediately.)

IMPORTANT: Please close the lid tightly to prevent the product drying up and getting thick. Store  in a cool dry place, and do not expose to direct sunlight. Product can turn yellow if exposed to sunlight, or heat. (Will not affect products effectiveness) (new formula has been updated, & will not turn yellow)

(Tingling/tightening sensation can occur.)

Please use this product responsibly. Like any professional product ALWAYS read directions and use Caution.

Does not include our "Gel removal tool" (sold separately)

Size: 8X2.8cm

Capacity: 15ML

Quantity: 1pc

(no returns on this item)

 Easy Remover Ingredients: Water, Cellulose acetate, Biological fiber, Sodium hydroxide, inorganic pigment Triethanolamine.

Please note: Easy Remover does NOT contain the ingredient Methylene Chloride. (used in car paint stripper)

MSDS available upon request. 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Martinez
This is my second bottle !!!

I love it I really appreciate the creator of this product because it saves so much time and keeps my clients nails Healthy I even send it to my client so they can go home and do it them selves!


LOVE this product


Love this product! This is my second bottle! It makes acrylic nail removal so fast and easy!


Really works


Honestly i didn’t like the product i had seen a video using it to remove polygel in the video it melted away in real life is did nothing